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COVID-19 Update: Service Temporarily Suspended

NOTICE TO ALL GREEN CLEAN MAINE CLIENTS: Given the most recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend field service operations at Green Clean Maine. The suspension is effective from Wednesday, March 18th through Wednesday March 31. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide more details about reopening within one week.

Our phone lines will remain open

Our office will remain open, though with reduced hours. Our expectation is to resume normal operations once it’s deemed safe to do so. We will continue to perform estimates for new service. New customers will be placed on a temporary waiting list. Please spread the word – keeping a clean home environment is key to controlling the virus’ spread!

Our reasoning

In making this decision, we were faced with a difficult question: At what point do the risks to the health of our customers, employees and community outweigh the significant economic risks of closure? This is not an easy question to answer, and is why we have been 100% supportive of those who have chosen to self-quarantine – both customers and employees.

As trained cleaning professionals, we are well-equipped to maintain hygienic home environments. By routinely cleaning surfaces, vacuuming and mopping, you are meeting the CDC recommendation for regular environmental cleaning – key to keeping pathogens at bay. We have even modified our Toilet Cleaner formula to meet the Journal of Hospital Infections’ recommendation for deactivating coronavirus, without the need for chlorine bleach. Finally, our teams have been disinfecting high-touch surfaces for clients as per CDC recommendations.

However, as more data becomes available, particularly the study released this week that shows how asymptomatic people can unknowingly transmit the virus, it would seem that suspending operations is the most responsible way for us to flatten the curve and help stop the spread. The risk of carrying the virus unknowingly to customers, our staff and their families is too great.

Our Staff

To help cushion the economic impact to our staff, we will continue to pay everyone for the next two days. We will also cover the employee portion of company-sponsored health insurance premiums through at least April 30. As a small local business (currently 35 employees), we are not in a position to offer more, but I believe this is an important help. We will also be assisting our staff as they apply for unemployment benefits. I hope you will join me in urging our elected officials to provide quick relief for employees of this and other small businesses around our state.

I want to thank you all for your support so far through this crisis. So many of you have reached out with heartwarming words and deeds and for that I am deeply grateful. Our company is strong, our team is stronger, and our incredible clients make it all possible.

Stay tuned for updates, including tips for how to maintain a hygienic home during the closure. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this crisis.

Wishing you happiness and health,

Joe W.


  • I have been a satisfied client of Green Clean Maine for several years and continue to enjoy the high quality of their service. Lindsay has been cleaning my home for most of that time and she does a superb job. She does so much more than clean my house -- she cares for my home and it shows in the meticulous work she does. She has a sweet personality and dedicated work ethic and I trust her and Green Clean with all my possessions!

    Laurie L.
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