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Hot Weather, COVID Safety – Three Important Reminders to Help Us Stay Safe!

To our Awesome Customers,

Hot weather is upon us and we remain diligent about COVID-19 Safety – please help us stay safe!

Hot Weather Safety

  • Please turn your Air Conditioning on for your cleaning day.

The next few days will be very hot in Southern Maine, with temps getting into the 90’s. Wearing a face mask exacerbates the effects of the heat, making it difficult and potentially unsafe to work as temps get into the 90’s. Please help keep our crews safe by turning on your air conditioning if you have it. If not, try cooling off the home at night and closing the windows in the morning, to keep the hot air outside.

COVID-19 Safety Reminders

Please observe COVID-19 Safety measures while we are in your home:

  • Wear a mask (esp when in the same room)
  • Remain 6 Ft apart at all times

We understand this is difficult as our work takes place in your home. However, these two measures are the most effective tools we have to protect our employees’ safety and prevent the virus’ spread. Our hardworking cleaning staff are enduring significant discomfort to wear a mask for your safety, please help keep them safe.

Thank you for your business and your help in keeping us safe!

-Joe W.

Founder, CEO


  • Green Clean Maine does a stellar job! Every time I come home after Britta and her team have been there I feel pampered. They are friendly, customer-oriented, and pay wonderful attention to detail. I'm excited to support a locally-owned business. I recommend Green Clean every time.

    Krista Haapala
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