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Important Service Changes

To our valued customers,

Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt. At present, our company is half the size we were pre-crisis. While this forced contraction is unsettling, it also presents us with an opportunity to innovate.

Below I will outline key changes to expect in the coming weeks and the benefits you will see as a result.

No More Keys

Effective October 5th, we will no longer hold client keys in our office. Over the coming weeks, we will be contacting you to mark down your decision to either 1) install an electronic keypad or 2) install a lock box on site to securely house your key(s). You can provide the lock box or we can provide it for you; we will bill you at our cost.

This change will not only increase security, it will help us be more efficient and reduce social contact by allowing cleaning staff to arrive directly at your home without reporting to the office first.

No More Checks

Also effective October 5th, for residential accounts, we will only accept two forms of payment: 1) via credit card on file or 2) pre-pay for 6 months of service via check, 5% discount.

This change will also increase security, reduce social contact and increase efficiency.

Commercial accounts are strongly encouraged to choose one of these two options, but will still have a monthly invoice option.

No More Lockout/Skip Fees

Operating in a COVID-19 world, we all need to be more flexible. We’ve never liked charging lockout fees, and I don’t think they really work. We’ve hesitated to eliminate them out of fear of not having the option, I suppose.

Moving forward, all I ask is that our customers have an understanding that skips/lockouts have an adverse impact on the income of our staff and disrupt our ability to serve others consistently. If skips or lockouts happen repeatedly on your account, we will simply need to make alternate arrangements.

Why These Changes?

Reduced social contact: Allowing us to better stagger staff visits to our office for supplies and check-ins. We have sped up our already progressive use of technology to keep our staff connected without being physically present.

Increase efficiency, control costs: Reducing trips to the office greatly increases efficiency and allows us to absorb the substantial increased costs of doing business in a COVID-19 world without an immediate price increase. Increased costs include disinfecting protocols, additional PPE and an increase to our already market-leading compensation package for front-line employees.

More consistent staffing: The switch to solo cleaners combined with other internal changes that will be invisible to our customers will enable us to provide greatly improved consistency in staffing. Improved staffing consistency is a long-standing request from both customers and staff. We are excited to be making an improvement in this area.

Thank you as always for your continued loyalty and support, and for helping to make our little company something truly special.

Yours in safety and health,

Joe Walsh

Founder, CEO


  • I have been a satisfied client of Green Clean Maine for several years and continue to enjoy the high quality of their service. Lindsay has been cleaning my home for most of that time and she does a superb job. She does so much more than clean my house -- she cares for my home and it shows in the meticulous work she does. She has a sweet personality and dedicated work ethic and I trust her and Green Clean with all my possessions!

    Laurie L.
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