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Our 3 Crisis Goals

Today we revisit our goals through the COVID-19 crisis. Recent events have pulled our attention away from our public health and economic emergency – for good reason. And while we will continue to monitor the events in Minneapolis, across the country and in our own community, as a business we must remain focused on protecting the health and safety of our staff, our customers and our community.

We remain focused on achieving these three goals:

  1. Contribute to the community effort to slow the spread of the virus. We must always operate with the confidence that we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.
  2. Ensure health and safety of our staff and clients. We will only operate so long as we are confident we can manage the risks to a sufficient extent. For us, this means assurance, based on clear best-practices and the latest science, that we can control risk factors for exposure and transmission.
  3. Ensure long-term health and continuity of business. Human health has to come first. At the same time, we run a business which provides good jobs and a valuable service in our community. We must do everything we can to ensure our business remains financially strong and prepared with the systems and training needed to both weather the crisis, and emerge stronger and better prepared for future outbreaks.

We will revisit these goals regularly. The COVID-19 crisis is multi-faceted. It is both a public health crisis and an economic one. As such, it is complex and requires us all to revisit our plans and underlying assumptions regularly.

I am so grateful for the support we have seen from our customers, our crew members and our strategic partners – from our banks to our trusted advisors, our supply vendors to our software providers. What I have seen is a community pulling together, supporting each other and demonstrating the best in each of us.

Thank you, and as always, stay safe.



  • I love Green Clean Maine! I know my husband already left a review but they are so great it merits two haha. They not only leave our condo sparkly and full of fresh, lemongrassy goodness but they are so sweet and friendly (and funny!). We both work from home and have been home most times they've come to clean, and it's always a joy to have them here. They really seem to have fun when they're working and it's just wonderful to know that we're supporting a business that cares so much about its employees and that its employees enjoy their jobs. <3

    Lesley DeSantis
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