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3 Weeks In, What Customers are Saying

Friday wrapped up our first 3 weeks of cleaning homes in a COVID-19 world. For all of us at GCM, its been a whirlwind, I can scarcely believe it’s been that long already.

I couldn’t be more proud of our team. We have brought back 18 of our 32 staff members so far, and each person has undergone 4 hours of COVID-19 reentry training. I’m feeling more confident than ever that not only can we work safely, but that we are part of the solution. By adapting more cutting-edge, science-based hygienic cleaning methods, we can make a difference, and stay true to our commitment to clean homes without harsh chemicals.

What motivated me to write this update is the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers. We are feeling the gratitude and seeing an impressive appreciation for the knowledge and confidence our cleaning professionals have shown.

Below you’ll find a few highlights from the many positive responses we’ve received over the past few weeks. It’s a tremendous pleasure to be back and helping our customers again. Thank you for sharing your feedback, keep it coming!

-Joe W.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“A safely cleaned house during covid-19 is the best self-care!! Thank you, lovely Beth, and to Joe + the incredible office staff for keeping your clients informed and loved during this time. We love you right back.”  -Emilie S., Cumberland

“So very good to have you back in our life!!!! Just a quick note the thank Jacky for an incredible one-person job of cleaning our good-size house. She deserves several gold stars in my opinion. I also wanted to commend GC for an excellent protocol. Jacky appeared well versed in her use of PPE and was very communicative. She went so far as to apologize for needing a little extra time to complete the work, which was not necessary, of course….after all….it had been a while since our last GC visit, and in the interim I guarantee you I’m NOT the most thorough cleaner, to say the least. Big kudos to you and Jacky. Stay safe – be well – and thanks again!” -Mike H., Falmouth

“We are so grateful to Louie for cleaning *around* us all. He cleaned for 5 hours with a mask on, and he is our hero! The house looks and feels so much better.” –Michael H., Yarmouth

“Aaron did a great job, and was very careful to wear a face mask and booties and gloves. Thank you!” -Lynne H., South Portland

“Thank you so much to the two wonderful women who came to clean today. They worked so conscientiously in our home. Wearing their masks and working around our house of 6 was not easy feat. It is so wonderful to have a clean house after so long in quarantine. Thank you.” -Frederique D., Yarmouth

“Just wanted to let you know that we are over the moon pleased with our services. Beth is amazing!! Her service to our family literally makes what has felt challenging and uncertain so much easier! We have our hands full with 4 kids…especially now…and having Beth come in and clean with such care and awareness is truly a gift! Thank you so much!!!!” -Melissa L., North Yarmouth


  • Looking to gift yourself precious time? Oh, look no further than Green Clean Maine to take care of the task of cleaning house. I have been a happy customer since 2008 (!) for both my home and business locations. Owner Joe is a gem, and has assembled teams of friendly, professional, accommodating, hard-working, trustworthy employees you can feel confident and comfortable about when in your home or office (holla, Britt & Hannah!). Their homemade products are a sensory delight, as are the little surprises they leave for the kids (a vignette of their toys playing or roses made out of toilet paper!).

    Emilie Sommer
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