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Green Clean Maine has been providing trusted cleaning services in Falmouth since 2007. We clean homes using our own handmade, super-effective, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Quick, personalized online estimates in 2 minutes or less!

Ready To Get Your Home in Falmouth Maine Green Cleaned?

Ready To Get Your Home in Falmouth Maine Green Cleaned?

Get a Quick, Free Estimate!

Cleaning Services we offer in Falmouth

Cleaning Services we offer in Falmouth include weekly, bi-weekly and monthly routine cleanings, as well as one-time cleanings. When you book, we can help you choose which frequency is right for you.

Most routine home cleaning schedules start with a thorough deep cleaning. It’s like hitting the reset button, getting your whole home to a sparkling clean all at the same time. This deep cleaning allows us to efficiently and effectively perform our routine cleaning service.

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Routine Cleaning Service – Which Frequency is right for me?

Bi-weekly house cleaning (that’s every other week) is our most popular option. It’s a good middle-ground in terms of cost and the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do between cleanings, which will be minimal on a bi-weekly cleaning schedule.

Monthly (it’s actually every four weeks) is a good fit for those on a tight budget or if just one or two people live in a home and there are no pets. It does require some maintenance between visits (like running a vacuum and cleaning the toilets occasionally), but we are still doing the “heavy lifting” of the cleaning work.

Weekly house cleaning service is a great fit for those with very busy households or who value a high level of cleanliness and would prefer not to maintain between visits.


Falmouth Maine’s Green Cleaning Service

Since 2007, we’ve been creating clean homes in Falmouth and surrounding towns without the use of harsh chemicals. Not content with off-the-shelf green cleaning products, which we felt weren’t effective enough to use professionally, we developed our own. Our products are handmade in our Portland office using simple products like baking soda, vinegar, plant-based detergents and essential oils.

And because we make our own green cleaning products, we can customize them for you! Though most clients love our signature mild lemongrass scent, we have alternate scents we can use in your home if you wish – or no scents at all – just ask!


Estimates are Fast, Free and Personalized

Our cleaning service estimates are fast and free, whether you live in Falmouth or elsewhere in our service area. Our online estimate form takes 2 minutes or less to complete. Or, you can give us a call – we’re always glad to talk on the phone (and if you’re ready to book your home cleaning service, a phone call is actually faster!).

Either way, we’re standing by, ready to help. We’re a team that loves to clean – and we hope we can help you soon!

Ready To Get Your Home in Falmouth Maine Green Cleaned?

Ready To Get Your Home in Falmouth Maine Green Cleaned?

Get a Quick, Free Estimate!


  • Green Clean Maine has cleaned my apartment twice now and I am very impressed. The staff is extremely friendly, as I have spoken to them on the phone several times and am always greeted with someone helpful and cheery. They do an excellent job cleaning and always leave a super cute note somewhere. I like how they have a key to my place, so I don't have to worry about meeting someone to unlock the door. I just go to work, and come home to a spotless apartment! They also have a system where the key to your house does not have a tag with attached address. Adds to the security.

    My home always smells minty fresh and I am comfortable knowing no harsh chemicals were used around my kitties. They are pleasant, professional and certainly get the job done!

    Becky M.
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