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5 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Care Tips You Need to Know

Microfiber cloths require some special care to keep cleaning and disinfecting – it’s worth it!

In the previous two posts, we learned why microfiber is so great, and how to tell a high-quality cloth from a cheap one.

In this final microfiber cleaning cloth post, I’ll share my 5 microfiber cleaning cloth care tips to keep your cloths performing for hundreds of washes. I could geek out about microfiber some more but I’ll spare you, and keep it simple!

Care Tip #1: Wash in Hot water

Washing microfiber cleaning cloths in hot water causes the fibers to open up, releasing all the dirt, grime and germs you picked up while cleaning. Wash in cold water and the cloths will clog within a few washings.

Pro Tip #2: Dry on LOW setting

When drying your microfiber cleaning cloths in a tumble dryer, use the LOW heat setting. Anything more than that will melt the microscopic polyester fibers that make all the magic happen. Just one dryer session on HIGH can render the cloths useless!

Pro Tip #3: Wash only with other microfiber cloths

Lint and debris from other fabric types, especially cotton, will clog the microfiber after just a few washes. Buy enough microfiber so you can save it up until you have enough for even a small load of JUST microfiber. I use them around the house but also in the garage and the car!

Pro Tip #4: No fabric softener or bleach

Never, ever, use fabric softener or bleach on your microfiber cloths. Fabric softener clogs the fibers, and bleach damages them. detergent and hot water only!

With these 4 easy tips, ya high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth will clean and disinfect for hundreds of washes.

Happy cleaning!

-Joe W., Founder and CEO, Green Clean Maine

-Written by a human at Green Clean Maine in Portland, Maine, USA


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