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Why Our House Cleaning Jobs Rock!

We currently have 2 open positions for House Cleaning Technicians. I truly believe these are the best jobs of their kind in all of Maine (and maybe New England!).

I built this company from the ground up over the past 13 years. From the beginning, creating good jobs for people who were willing to put in the work has been a top priority. And I’m proud to say we’ve done that! This is a success story.

It seems like this message isn’t getting out there as well as it ought to be. Maybe this is because it’s hard to get our full story across in a job posting. Maybe job postings just don’t seem authentic or real enough. So I thought some more explanation in this format might help.

Once we fill these two roles, we’ll be into our holiday season and won’t be hiring again until February, most likely.

Please share with anyone you know who comes to mind when you read this!

What We Offer

First, we care – about our employees and everyone we serve. That matters more than a lot of other stuff. Luckily we don’t just say we care – we back it up with our actions every day, and how we pay our people.

Example: We have distributed more than $10,000 in COVID-related aid to our employees since March. Our little company! Everything from helping pay the rent to covering groceries for the week. We help each other. These stories are real and happening every week here.

Our average cleaning wage across all experience levels is more than $18/hr., with a company minimum of $15/hr.

On wages alone we are winning, but no one offers the suite of benefits we do. Check it out:

  • Company car, so you don’t have to put wear and tear on your own vehicle? Check.
  • Usable, affordable health insurance? Check.
  • Retirement plan with company match? Check.
  • Paid time off, which you don’t have to wait years to get? Check.
  • Paid maternity leave? Check.
  • The FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE of working on your own, serving your own roster of clients? Check.

COVID-19 Safety

When COVID hit, we completely overhauled how we do things.

  1. We switched from cleaning in teams to cleaning solo – so we could socially distance. We now have very little social contact throughout our work day.
  2. Staggered shift starts and office reporting days to limit contact between staff.
  3. Masks required for everyone – including customers.
  4. We added a whole bunch of PPE and training to go with it.
  5. We developed a new eco-friendly sanitizer and use it to keep ourselves and our customers safe!

Check out our posting and apply here, and please, stay safe and have FUN today.

-Joe Walsh

Founder and CEO


  • I have been a GCM customer for more than a year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My team, lead by Maggie who has been joined by many talented team members over the many months they've been visiting, have all been exemplary. I knew that I wanted to get a housekeeping service as a "gift" to myself and found a way to trim my budget in other areas to make it happen. Without question it is the best decision I ever made to partner with Green Clean Maine. Awesome service, friendly and trustworthy team members and I love how they respect the environment with no harsh chemicals.

    Jill Cyr
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